Suitable Fabrics for Different Use

  Aug 28, 2022
Fabrics are vital for confirming: Comfort, Fit, Flexibility, and Compatibility. Silk and chiffon fabrics are often used as garment materials for: Bridal gowns. Tea gowns, Korean Hanbok Dress It has a slender appearance. It provides for easy movement and handling for the bride. Suitable Fabrics for Fashion Designers:To begin, fabric is a substance created by

Ionic Plus Tech Fabrics — Noble

  Aug 2, 2022
What Causes Odor? It begins with sweat. Humans produce two kinds: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat is the watery, salty, and generally neutral smelling sweat that you secrete it all over your body. Even when you are not working out, your body is still emitting moisture vapor. Apocrine sweat comes from glands and is a

The global conductive textiles market accounted for US$ 1.07 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 4.65 billion by 2026.

  Jul 13, 2022
According to this research, factors such as growing awareness of the advantages of conductive textiles, high demand from the military and defence sector and increased health awareness among consumers are fuelling the market growth. However, high cost of finished products can affect adoption is hampering the market. Conductive textile A conductive textile can be defined

Aramid nonwoven veil improves abrasion resistance of composites

  Jun 26, 2022
A recent study demonstrated that the use of TFP-based aramid nonwovens in composite surface applications can effectively protect the underlying structure of composites from abrasion. This lightweight aramid veil achieves a high-quality finish while also providing a durable wear layer in applications where composites are subject to frequent friction, such as high-speed composite press rolls,

“Dyeing Green” Traditional Textile Industry with Biological Enzymes

  Jun 17, 2022
At the Jiangsu Textile and Apparel Expo held recently, batches of new textile fabrics and textile products developed with modern biotechnology and bio-based raw materials that are eco-friendly, biodegradable and recycled have become the highlights of the exhibition. These new products represent a new trend in the development of the textile industry. At present, textile

Official Report on development of Textile and fabric Industry in China from Q1 2022

  May 30, 2022
Since the beginning of this year, under the influence of adverse factors such as repeated epidemics and rising structural costs, the downward pressure on the industrial textile industry has increased. To provide targeted advice and suggestions to enterprises, industries, and government departments, China Industrial Textiles Industry Association recently conducted an online survey on the operation

Characteristics of different clothing fabrics

  May 22, 2022
We briefly introduce the modeling characteristics of different materials and fabrics and their application in clothing design as follows. soft fabric Soft fabrics are generally light and thin, with good drape, smooth modeling lines, and natural stretch of clothing outlines. It mainly includes knitted fabrics and silk fabrics with scattered fabric structures and soft and

What is Air Conditioning Fiber?

  May 16, 2022
Air Conditioning Fiber Product Introduction Air-conditioning fiber fabric and its production method, the air-conditioning fabric is mainly woven from air-conditioning fiber, combed cotton, and ultra-fine denier polyester, and its weight percentage is air-conditioning fiber 40–100%, combed cotton 0–46%, ultra-fine denier polyester 0–18%.Due to the adjustment of the formula and process method of the air-conditioning fiber

R&D Center of Patagonia Disclosure

  May 7, 2022
Environmental supporting movement Founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia is famous for supporting environmental causes for a long time. Since 1985, Patagonia has dedicated one percent of sales each year to environmental causes. Shoutout to their passion on global environment protection movement. So far, Patagonia has received interest from more than 600 companies who

swedens polygiene mp activewear launch high performance fabrics

  Apr 22, 2022
MP Activewear, born from the leading online sports nutrition brand MyProtein, has launched products with Sweden’s Polygiene in their high-end running range Velocity Ultra as well as their Power Ultra collection. It will cover a number of treated items in high performance fabrics for men and women, such as sport-bras, leggings, t-shirts, shorts and jackets.

Tips for distinguishing the frontside and backside of a fabric

  Apr 18, 2022
No matter what kind of fabric, no matter what kind of jacquard fabric, no matter what kind of strip fabric, the front side has an obvious bulge, the lines are clearer, and the color is softer than the back side. The front of all jacquard fabrics is delicate and uneven, which makes people feel very

What kind of fabric is generally applied in sportswear

  Mar 27, 2022
Sports fabrics generally refer to the fabrics of clothes during exercise. In fact, most of such fabrics are polyester. The first feature you need is quick drying. Because you need to sweat a lot during exercise, wearing pure cotton clothes does absorb sweat, but the sweat is absorbed on the clothes, and the clothes become wet

Duties and Taxes When Importing Goods into the U.S.

  Mar 9, 2022
To expand your business, importing goods from other countries shall be the top strategy that comes to your mind. Before getting started on your business, you may need to know the rules and regulations when importing goods from overseas, especially the penalties when breaking a rule. As a mid-professional in the industry, I will guide

Seamless Garment Technology in Sportswear

  Feb 22, 2022
No sewing, no seams, no stitches. That’s seamless. A specific knitting technology that uses specialized circular looms to develop garments that adapt perfectly to the body, making people forget that they are actually wearing them. I will share some benefits in this article that make seamless garments the most popular fabric in the sports industry.

Top 3 Fulfillment Centers in China

  Jan 6, 2022
When it comes to e-commerce businesses, timely delivery can mean the difference between success and failure. As a global trading business owner, we know exactly whats the pain point is when clients in waiting for their purchased items. In this article, you will learn, as either a buyer or a seller, how can we cooperate

How to save money on international shipping

  Jan 1, 2022
For selling or buying products, shipping always can be a hassle. Not to say if you are doing business with clients overseas as we do. Overseas shipping added too many costs to your business and is not easy to control. We share some of these ways to cut back on shipping costs when we doing

How to evaluate the manufacturing capacity of your supplier

  Dec 18, 2021
Most people who are looking to source products independently and without in-country assistance will sometimes ignore one topic, which is the production capacity of a factory. It is important to note that, as a professional sourcing agent, ZakeSports takes the capacity as one of the main elements to making a decision on the outcome brought back to clients.

Top 5 Reliable Inspection Services from China in 2020

  Dec 3, 2021
Being a key element of Quality Control, Product Inspections allow you to verify product quality on-site at different stages of the production process before sending it out, an full inspection usually is a reasonable method to avoid disruptions from vendors/suppliers. Over 80% of products are returned by customers merely because the goods they received were damaged,

Create A Preferred Supplier List

  Nov 9, 2021
A good procurement department(As we are) knows the importance of understanding where and whom they are buying from, what each agreement stands for, and the rates every purchase takes. But at the same time, it’s difficult to keep eye on all of these matters, secure the best rates, and lower risks, particularly when you’re managing

My secret sourcing websites

  Nov 7, 2021
Hello! I am Zarek, the founder of, and we are a group of young-mid-age people with our full passion for exchanging values with our clients. I will go through this article with some we call tips when sourcing and importing products from China. I want to share with you 10 awesome websites, not just, but

Sea Freight Shipping From China

  Oct 31, 2021
We suggest everyone who relates to the logistics business in China should spend a couple of minutes reading this article. You can also contact us since we will provide hands-off services to your business. The sea freight shipping method is the best price-value one for global buyers when handling business with China suppliers. However, it is a

How to Send Money to China

  Oct 11, 2021
When you need to send payment to China supplier or travel agency, you would doubt which is the best payment way to address the money, to make sure it is safe and low handling cost. Importing products from China is a great way to boost your global business, we usually focused on the profits of the

Canton fair vs. Yiwu wholesale market

  Oct 10, 2021
Many online sellers hear both of those names, and do not know the differences between those two options, and don’t know what option is better for them. In this article, we will try to explain some of the differences. We will start with the common ground main fact that is true for both Canton fair