Product Design

More over Fabrics or Raw material, We Turn Your New Product Concept to Reality

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1. Get a Mockup Design

Product design starts with a professional 2D concept drawing. This allows us to determine and agree on the basic product characteristics. As one of the leading product design companies, we plan ahead and consider technical aspects already in this phase. Any quick sketch or reference product from you is enough for us to get started.

2. Define the Product Specifications

After the aesthetics are taken care of, the new product design has to be translated and broken down into its practical features. The product specifications describe the functionality of your product. The great art for us as your industrial design company is to help you reconcile design and practicality in an elegant way.

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3. Draft the Technical Files

The materials, components, and work steps needed for your custom product are evaluated and determined carefully. You will end up having professional manufacturing documents that you can take anywhere. In contrast to mere product design firms, we know what works since we are also very active in manufacturing.

4. Review the Product

Once the product design is finalized, we take a step back and look at the newly designed product as a whole with you. We make sure that we got all details right as your very individual product design company. You can gladly move on with us by Developing Prototypes & Custom Samples and having your product become reality.