Top 5 Reliable Inspection Services from China in 2020

Being a key element of Quality Control, Product Inspections allow you to verify product quality on-site at different stages of the production process before sending it out, an full inspection usually is a reasonable method to avoid disruptions from vendors/suppliers.

Over 80% of products are returned by customers merely because the goods they received were damaged, broken, or of poor quality. 80% is a number that might destroy your business. If you are started your overseas business and the product is far away from your hand, you must ensure that the products are the right one to go.

If you want to go with professional inspection services, we will introduce you to the 5 most reliable quality control and inspection companies in China to pick from.


QIMA must be the top one on the list. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, having a physical presence in 85 countries. QIMA team has a huge network of roughly 2,500 highly trained inspectors and auditors with experience in their respective areas, all of whom are classed by product range.

Besides, QIMA has comprehensive supply chain compliance solutions, like factory audits, laboratory testing, and certification. Whatsmore, QIMA delivers their professional inspectors within 48 hours to every corner of the world and sends back to you a report at 24 hours.

2. ZakeSports

ZakeSports is a newcomer in the industry, but they are swiftly receiving more and more attention thanks to their high-quality services and reasonable pricing. Aside from assisting you in locating new trusted wholesale/dropshipping suppliers in China, they also offer the services of factory auditing, quality control, product, and supplier inspection.

ZakeSports employers have deep experience of doing the inspection, they have collaboration with VerifyCargo in global inspection, and they also exclusively inspect Puma’s footwear for a very long time. Their team of quality control inspectors is always available at a very reasonable price for every type of inspection, including during production, pre-shipment, and pre-production.

A clean and professional inspection report will be delivered in 24 hours after each inspection is completed.

3. V-Trust

Established in 2003, V-Trust is a fully accredited international inspection service provider with over 360 full-time inspectors and auditors. Each and every individual working with V-Trust is well-trained, reliable, and experienced in their own specific product categories, and is available around the clock with the industry’s lowest complaint rate.

V-Trust has over eighteen years of industry experience and offers a variety of quick and cost-effective quality control, inspection, audit, and laboratory testing services for nearly every product category. More than 12,000 importers and buyers throughout the world trust this company and in just 2020, they have carried out over 100,000 inspections.

4. Asia Quality Focus

Since 2007, Asia Quality Focus has been operating in over 135 countries, assisting individuals in managing the quality of their products throughout the process of manufacturing. Whether you require a supplier audit or a product inspection, AQF will assign an inspector or auditor to assist you in delivering a service in 14 Asian countries within 24 hours.

With AQF, you can be confident that your products will arrive on time and in good condition, while also meeting the safety and regulatory standards of your target market. Not only are 80 percent of AQF’s customers still working with them after more than three years, but their company is also trusted by 3000 brands, retailers, and importers.

Furthermore, 429 million items have been delivered to consumers in the market over a 14-year period after an AQF inspection, and they are currently able to manage to visit 8000 factories per year.

5. Tetra Inspection

Tetra Inspection is a truly excellent third-party quality control company that offers a wide range of solutions for brands and retailers importing goods from China. It has a large network of 200 inspectors and auditors that specialize in a wide range of product categories and covers 25 countries in Asia and Africa.

Tetra Inspection’s Quality Control Inspectors are all highly qualified and have years of experience in their respective field. You can quickly and easily verify the characteristics of suppliers and product quality at every level of production using Tetra Inspection’s three-step audit procedure and four-phase inspection process.


By collaborating with these on-list companies in China, you can not only minimize your product risks but save cost, and build customer trust further.

Aside from being concerned about product quality, you may also want to hire someone who can assist you in finding trusted suppliers and safely import products from China. Well, contact ZakeSports, and let get started!