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What Causes Odor?

It begins with sweat. Humans produce two kinds: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat is the watery, salty, and generally neutral smelling sweat that you secrete it all over your body. Even when you are not working out, your body is still emitting moisture vapor. Apocrine sweat comes from glands and is a thick, oily fluid made up of fatty compounds. Like eccrine sweat, apocrine sweat doesn’t stink on its own either.

Your microbiome, which is made up of the microbes that live on your skin, love to eat the fatty, oily compounds in endocrine sweat. It’s actually the molecular waste from these microbes eating the sweat that leaves odor and stain.

Ionic+ treated products are self-cleaning of microbes. When clothing or footwear is inhospitable to microbes, the clothing won’t carry the smells associated with those odor-causing bacteria.

Ionic+ Technology

Our Ionic+® technology uses natural antimicrobial science to fight microbes on soft surfaces. Noble Biomaterials offers three levels treatment in our portfolio of products, from consumer to healthcare to wound care.


The primary mechanism of action behind Ionic+ technology is the release of silver ions from the yarn, fiber, fabric, or foam. When you incorporate Ionic+ technology into products, ion release in the presence of moisture (such as moisture vapor naturally emitted by the skin) combats negatively charged ions. This ionic action helps inhibit and eliminate microbes on the surface of the product, protecting it from microbial impacts.

Silver ions permanently extruded into the fiber or filament


  • No Behavior Modification by Staff or Patients Required
    As the mechanism of action is inherent in the fabric, it is self-cleaning of microbes.
  • Permanent Protection
    Not a chemical finish, Ionic+ metalized and extruded treatment lasts the life of the product (more than 200 laundering).
  • Antimicrobial Testing to The Industry’s Most Stringent Standards.
    Minimum 3-log reduction in 1 hour for certification. Noble tests and certifies 100% of the end-use applications for its technologies.
  • Clinically Proven
    Clinical studies, performed in hospitals on soft surfaces, showed successful reduction of pathogens on fabric in 1 hour.
  • Tested and Safe
    99% pure silver. Millions of EPA and FDA approved products powered by Ionic+ are on the market today.
  • Odor Protection
    Ionic+ technology naturally eliminates odor, keeping apparel smelling fresher for comfort and confidence during long shifts.

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