My secret sourcing websites

Hello! I am Zarek, the founder of, and we are a group of young-mid-age people with our full passion for exchanging values with our clients. I will go through this article with some we call tips when sourcing and importing products from China.

I want to share with you 10 awesome websites, not just, but my team and I will take them as alternatives when we compare suppliers or products for clients. From my personal experience, these websites almost cover all manufacturers all over China.

I would say almost all of them are quite similar to each other, as a platform, which plays a good role in connecting buyers and sellers, but they still are the top traffic websites in China when we talking about global trade.

For saving your time, I added links on each sub-titles, instead of putting a name.


Let me make it simple and clear, 1688 is actually the Chinese language version of with a lower price and the same quality.


DHgate has one standout feature is the payment handling system, which only passes payments to the seller when the buyer confirms receipt of goods.


Global Sources has helped more than 1.4 million international buyers in more than 240 countries to source from overseas, with China making up the majority of deals.

Their regular Hong Kong trade shows are very popular and help facilitate international companies to do sourcing in China face to face with trusted Chinese suppliers.


MadeInChina has a good UI design, with a clean layout that is easy to navigate.


China Suppliers is a government-backed website, which is owned by the China Internet News Center (中国互联网新闻中心) which is under the State Council Information Office.

It is a good website, even their interface looks a bit cumbersome, and they publish so much useful info about import and export.


Shenzhen, most of you may be heard before, is a city with extreme high-speed development, which has born almost all High-tech and electronics products in China.

Specializing in high-tech and electronics, Shenzhen-based OFweek is a well-designed website featuring many Chinese electronics suppliers.


AliExpress was launched by Alibaba Group in 2010 as a platform for Chinese companies to sell to foreign consumers.

Although not a sourcing site as such, it is nevertheless widely used for this purpose, especially for companies looking to buy with low MOQs.


Operated by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, this website plays an important role in helping Hong Kong companies to establish relationships with buyers from around the world.

These days, there isn’t much manufacturing in Hong Kong, but many Hong Kong companies operate factories in Mainland China and this is a good gateway to sourcing their products.


Clean and simple, but powerful.


This website is ever recommended by the Shenzhen Government and American International Business Council.

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