Canton fair vs. Yiwu wholesale market

Many online sellers hear both of those names, and do not know the differences between those two options, and don’t know what option is better for them. In this article, we will try to explain some of the differences.

We will start with the common ground main fact that is true for both Canton fair and Yiwu wholesale market. While most of the trade shows in China are focused on a specific category of goods, Canton fair & Yiwu wholesale market are both big trade show that presents goods from a wide range of categories. This brings good value to online sellers who are looking for their next product and are NOT focused on a specific category.

But as said, there are few main differences between those two, and by understanding those, you can plan your next visit to trade shows in China:

Dates – while the Canton Fair is twice a year (April & October), the Yiwu market is open all year long (besides national Chinese holidays).
This means, that you should plan ahead to go to the Canton Fair, but can decide to go to Yiwu at any time that is available for you.

Who is presenting goods – while you can find factories presenting in Canton fair, in Yiwu, you will find mostly wholesalers and resellers (but they will tell you there are factories).

Quantity of presenters – Yiwu market is by far include more options of suppliers with over 62,000 factory & wholesale stores, vs. Canton with around 20,000 presenters in all 3 phases together.

Target audience – Canton fair is mainly for export markets, so you will have no problem speaking English and find items under international certifications, etc.
But Yiwu is mainly a wholesale market for Chinese, so a lot of goods will need modifications for international markets, and you will have a harder time meeting a seller who speaks English.

Type of products presented – In the Canton fair, you will find the most recent model of items, trending items, and items in the final stages of development… and you can get great ideas for near-future opportunities.
Yiwu market include

Prices and MOQ – in most cases, Canton fair presenters will request high volume MOQ and higher cost per unit vs. the options in Yiwu.

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