How to save money on international shipping

For selling or buying products, shipping always can be a hassle. Not to say if you are doing business with clients overseas as we do. Overseas shipping added too many costs to your business and is not easy to control.

We share some of these ways to cut back on shipping costs when we doing a lot of international business.

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1. Be thorough before deciding

Be thorough on every aspect of service, and about every detailed fee as well as insurance terms. It’s important to research and compare overall rates based on the kind of packages you’ll be shipping most often.

We sometimes will try to reach out to other shipping companies of a similar size, they are in fast development, so these companies will have a good offer with top service to you.

To be 100% thorough, we will also try to visit our competitors, with a kind and friendly attitude. We try to exchange information with our competitors, instead of being direct competition to them. In general, we will try to exchange each logistics partnership with others competitors, to see if we are both in the best position to do business.

2. Always seek long term relationships

Once you’ve found a carrier you’re happy with, we suggest that developing a long-term relationship with them. As you start working with a new company, you can develop a stronger relationship, making it easier to communicate with your carrier about issues or questions. Moreover, your long-term partner will give your a discount because all businesses naturally want to partner with people who are going to contact you often because it will boost each’s revenue.

Preventing from constantly switching carriers, It is likely to experience issues with shipping delays and varying rates across the same products.

You also want to use a company that treats you as more of a partner or a client than simply a way to make money. The point is that you want to work with a company that provides quality customer service and understands the needs of your business.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Although eco-friendly packaging may not save you money on the cost of shipping the item, it can save money on the packaging itself. If your shipping costs are higher than you were hoping, you need to look at other aspects of the business where you can cut costs and make your international shipping policy worthwhile. You don’t want to offer international shipping on products that are costing you more to ship than the amount you’re making from these products.

Invest in recycled shipping boxes and biodegradable styrofoam padding to lower costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and show customers that your company is environmentally conscious. Before shipping any products, you also need to be aware of any restrictions on shipping and purchase materials, like hazmat shipping packages, to meet any carrier requirements.

4. Smart packing your items

An obvious way to reduce international shipping costs is by sending several different items together. If you’re a B2C business and your customers often order more than one item at once, you can consolidate packages for a lower rate.

For B2B businesses or supplier companies that sell parts to other manufacturing companies, you may want to find the most efficient way to get your products to their destination in as few packages as possible. From there, you may need to ship items — again, domestically — to specific addresses, but it should be significantly cheaper to send items within the same country. Calculate to determine which route would make the most sense for your wallet.

5. Work with a Logistics Company

For any business moving a large number of products on a regular basis, working with a logistics company will greatly improve your rates and shipping times. Logistics companies essentially act as brokers between companies and transportation companies, such as airline carriers, truck companies, and cargo ship providers.

You can work with your freight broker to find a transportation rate that makes sense for your business without having to do as much of the research on your own. Logistic companies will then take charge of much of the shipping process, removing some of the burdens for you and allowing the best price possible.

6. Contact us with worry-free

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