Product Development

Develop Your Own Product & Get a Custom Prototype Made

1. Build a Prototype or Custom Sample

The product development process starts with realizing the Product Design that you have already developed with us. Some new products require prototype manufacturing, while others are best catered to with the customization of similar existing samples. We review the physical design to a granular level testing the functionality and user experience.

2. Establish the Cost

Product costing determines how your product can be manufactured economically. It gives you the chance to review which parts are essential and examine where costs can be reduced. Most product development companies neglect this crucial aspect. Product development costs can be reduced by using more standard components or different materials.

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3. Make a Production Plan

We review the supply chain and manufacturing costs to see how scaling creates production bottlenecks so you have contingency plans for any unforeseen problems and quick growth. Prototype manufacturing is very different from mass production and has to be accounted for by reviewing the concrete work steps.

4. Select the Suppliers

The final step in the pre-production phase is to find the right suppliers. We test suppliers for their ability to provide the product at the price point we estimated for the quality we defined. Once this step is completed, you’re ready to move on to the last step of our product development consulting–Mass Production.


Yes, it is crucial for you to get your business plan and budgeting right. Having a great product is only half the battle; understanding the cost structure and knowing everything about scaling the production is equally important. Most product development companies don’t cover these crucial aspects. We see those pure prototype companies critically because the most beautiful prototype or sample is useless if you can’t integrate it affordably into a mass production line.


Generally speaking, prototype manufacturing is more expensive than custom sample procurement. How to get a prototype made is only the first step in the realization of an overall more complex project. However, we work with specialized companies that build prototypes in many product categories. The cost depends on the product category, but new product ideas can be realized for less money than commonly assumed. The suppliers we work with are usually okay when you start with small orders to finance larger orders since we bundle many production projects.