What kind of fabric is generally applied in sportswear

Photo by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

Sports fabrics generally refer to the fabrics of clothes during exercise. In fact, most of such fabrics are polyester.

The first feature you need is quick drying.

Because you need to sweat a lot during exercise, wearing pure cotton clothes does absorb sweat, but the sweat is absorbed on the clothes, and the clothes become wet and it is difficult to evaporate. And many sports fabrics, such as CLIMAFIT from ADIDAS, DRI-FIT from NIKE, and ATDRY from Li Ning, are all made of 100% polyester. It quickly evaporates the sweat, so you will not feel any heavy feeling of the clothes, nor will it stick to the body, it can be said to be the first choice for intense sports.

  • Functional fiber This new type of fiber is lighter and softer than traditional chemical fibers.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene waterproof and temperature-permeable laminated fabric This fabric can breathe like human skin, export excess water vapor out of the body, and isolate the invasion of external rain and snow. The secret is that there are as many as 7 billion per square centimeter. of micropores.
  • Coolmax fiber This kind of fiber is becoming a big selling point in the market. The cross-section of this fiber is a unique flat cross shape, forming a four-slot design, which can discharge sweat more quickly and volatilize. It is called a fiber with an advanced cooling system. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese Table Tennis Corps won the gold medal in Sydney, wearing clothes woven from Coolmax fibers.
  • Polyamide nylon fabric It has far superior performance than earlier nylon, solves the shortcomings of poor air permeability and non-wear resistance, and can quickly absorb body sweat and volatilize it from its surface.
  • Silicone resin Sportswear such as “sharkskin swimsuit” and “quick skin” is mainly composed of silicone resin film.
  • Lycra is also a material we are very familiar with. Its application has long exceeded the scope of sportswear, but it is an indispensable material in sportswear. This man-made elastic fiber, its anti-pulling properties, the smoothness after being woven into clothing, its closeness to the body, and its great stretchability are all ideal sports elements. The tights and one-piece sportswear is worn by athletes All contain Lycra ingredients, and it is precise because of the use of Lycra that some sportswear companies have proposed the concept of “energy maintenance”

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