Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we would like to suggest our clients check with the samples before ordering in builk.

Besides, if you decide to make a finished product instead of fabrics, we will arrange for the production of samples for your approval. The sample of A finished product usually costs a small sampling fee.

Unfortunately, we do not. Because of our constantly changing inventory, it would not be cost effective for us to issue a printed catalog.

Our expertise has been built on sourcing products internationally but we also have long and deep-rooted relationships with local sources.  We believe that maintaining a balance between local and global sources is the best way to service our long-time customers who depend on the best cost value to be competitive.

We have plenty of space at our warehouse facility to maintain your inventory.  As you are managing your Just-In-Time production requirements, you can rest assured that your production parts are one to two days away and can be on your floor with minimal notice. 

This eliminates your lead time considerably. We also work in tandem with your purchasing department to obtain projected usage and needs and allow for flexibility in your stated nominations to be ready for actual usage fluctuations.

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    You supply us with a sample or a drawing of the product that you wish to purchase. We also need your estimated annual quantity and preferably your target price. It is appreciated if you can supply us with other relevant information such as the purpose or the market the product shall be into, if it will be assembled with other items, quality criteria, etc.

    Ideally, 3D files along with material specifications and estimated quantities will be very helpful. The more we know about your product (critical dimensions, special requirements, knowledge issues, and so on) the more accurate the quote will be.

    When ordering fabric and/or fringe, the minimum order is 1 yard per item.

    We specialize in high-performance fabrics and sportswear clothes. If you have any specific requests on the product or any industries except sports which you looking for, please contact us and we shall get back to you with a satisfying result.

    It depends on the one that needs to be made. Usually, it takes 3 days to produce a regular type of shirt or bottom clothes, 10 days to produce a seamless yoga suit with recycled fabrics

    Providing us with price targets allows us the ability to better identify the supply source that will best meet your needs and provide you with the quality you deserve.  This also confirms for us if we are providing the correct specific part and if we are truly a good match for what you need.  

    Our experience has shown us that we do not need to pursue factories that are twice the customer’s current price-similarly, factories that are half the price are also not good sources.  We find that a tighter range around the customer’s current price yields a much more comparable product to what the customer is currently using.  

    Plus or minus 35% around the customer’s current target price generates the best options and does not waste the customer’s valuable time.

    No, you don’t. Either ZakeSports or the supplier is willing to sign such agreements. It is unusual for a supplier to copy your products, especially if they only make one component of a larger product. It is more common for new products on the market to get reverse engineered by someone who simply buys a few and makes their own version.