What is Air Conditioning Fiber?

Photo by Álvaro Bernal on Unsplash

Air Conditioning Fiber Product Introduction

Air-conditioning fiber fabric and its production method, the air-conditioning fabric is mainly woven from air-conditioning fiber, combed cotton, and ultra-fine denier polyester, and its weight percentage is air-conditioning fiber 40–100%, combed cotton 0–46%, ultra-fine denier polyester 0–18%.
Due to the adjustment of the formula and process method of the air-conditioning fiber fabric, and the use of different processing methods for different formulas, it is possible to spin and weave the air-conditioning fiber fabric; the air-conditioning fiber fabric has both the temperature adjustment function and high-grade. The feel and texture of the fabric should have.

Outlast air-conditioning fiber is a new type of “smart” fiber. The key to the technology of air-conditioning fiber is the use of microcapsule-encapsulated heat-sensitive phase change materials. This fiber has the function of absorbing, storing, and releasing thermal energy in the form of latent heat.

When the temperature changes, the solid-state and the liquid state can be transformed into each other, and the purpose of heat absorption and heat generation can be achieved. The microcapsule heat-sensitive phase change material in the Outlast air conditioner fiber can respond to the change of the external ambient temperature on the skin and has a buffering effect on the temperature change.

Modal fiber is 100% natural fiber, which is harmless to the human body and can be degraded naturally. It is an eco-friendly fiber. Fabrics made from Outlast/Modal fiber yarns can automatically control the body’s heat and are ideal for comfort and softness. The underwear made of it can not only make the wearer feel as warm as spring in the harsh winter but also feel the slightest coolness in the sweltering heat. At present, the product has been recognized by the international and domestic markets. Become the new favorite of textile raw materials.


1. Air-conditioning fiber is a kind of comfort product, which can store heat and retain heat but cannot generate heat. It is a phase-change microcapsule. The principle is to store body temperature in the microcapsule without emitting it to achieve a constant temperature.
2. Clothing made of air-conditioned fibers, due to the existence of thousands of phase change materials with energy conversion, which continuously absorb and release energy to adjust the temperature, so the clothing can be maintained in a comfortable temperature range, which can be used to make clothing that is warm in winter and cool in summer.
3. Uses: It is widely used on the skin surface of outdoor clothing, underwear, hats, gloves, and bedding.
4. Outlast air-conditioning fiber cannot be filled with an agent or printed, otherwise it will destroy the fabric structure.