Shipping Methods

Duties and Taxes When Importing Goods into the U.S.

To expand your business, importing goods from other countries shall be the top strategy that comes to your mind. Before getting started on your business, you may need to know the rules and regulations when importing goods from overseas, especially the penalties when breaking a rule. As a mid-professional in the industry, I will guide

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Top 3 Fulfillment Centers in China

When it comes to e-commerce businesses, timely delivery can mean the difference between success and failure. As a global trading business owner, we know exactly whats the pain point is when clients in waiting for their purchased items. In this article, you will learn, as either a buyer or a seller, how can we cooperate

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Sea Freight Shipping From China

We suggest everyone who relates to the logistics business in China should spend a couple of minutes reading this article. You can also contact us since we will provide hands-off services to your business. The sea freight shipping method is the best price-value one for global buyers when handling business with China suppliers. However, it is a

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